Statement of Philosophy & Values

Statement of Philosophy & Values


Poets Grove is dedicated to the education, support, care and nurturing of children and families of our community. We believe children thrive when families, educators and the local community work together to support children as they grow. As an integrated service, we provide a range of programs to meet the diverse needs of our community, including long day care, sessional kindergarten, Maternal and Child Health services, community support groups, multi purpose room and consulting suites for allied health professionals. In partnership with Elwood Primary School and Elwood College, Poets Grove is an integral part of the Elwood Learning Hub. Our shared vision is to support children and families to build a sense of belonging and connectedness within the local community to facilitate smooth transitions between settings.

Families are the first and most important teachers in a child’s life. Poets Grove partners with families to create a vibrant community that promotes wellbeing, joy of learning and healthy development. We believe that learning happens best in the context of strong, reciprocal relationships. Children are valued for who they are, their own unique qualities and strengths, and are encouraged to contribute to decisions about matters that affect them. Educators are responsive to the diverse needs and abilities of children and tailor learning experiences to support all children to participate and succeed. Educators interact in a meaningful manner with each child and acknowledge the pivotal role of language in children’s intellectual and social-emotional development.

Poets Grove educators take every opportunity to support children in developing an understanding and respect for diversity, equity and justice. With a focus on social and emotional skill development, we promote resilience and confidence in all children. Children are supported to develop respect for themselves and showing respect for others.

The cultural diversity of our community is reflected in our programs and educators promote gender equality and challenge stereotyping and bias. We acknowledge the Boonwurrung as the First People of this land, and support children in learning to care for our land and our waterways, just as the Boonwurrung people have done for many thousands of years. Opportunities to explore the local natural environment promote children’s connection to nature and sense of shared-responsibility in caring for the environment.

Quality improvement is an ongoing process at Poets Grove involving community consultation, reflective practice, professional development and educator mentoring and support. We strive to offer high quality programs that reflect contemporary early childhood theory, research and evidence-based best practices.

The development of Poets Grove’s philosophy was guided by the National Quality Framework, Approved Learning Frameworks, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and ECA Code of Ethics. It is a working document, underpinned by the values of our families, children, educators and our local community and is reviewed regularly.




We love the fantastic range of perspectives a diverse group of families and staff bring to the table.


We believe in open, respectful and transparent communications and personal interactions.

Community connection

We believe that a strong community is a powerful positive force so we take every opportunity to strengthen the connection between Poets Grove and its surrounding community

Joy of learning

We believe that learning and developing should be a fun and enjoyable experience.