Sessional Kindergarten (3 & 4 year old)

Sessional Kindergarten

The Department of Education & Training (Victoria) provides a per capita grant for every child attending a 4-year-old kindergarten program. This funding enables the centre to employ Bachelor qualified kindergarten teachers in our 4yo kindergarten programs in the long day care and sessional kindergarten programs, allowing children to receive a minimum 15 hours of kindergarten per week in the year prior to starting school. Each child can access this funding once. Your child cannot be enrolled in two funded programs. A child who is formally assessed as having significant additional needs may be entitled to a second year of funded pre-school. This does not include children who are delaying entry to school because their parents think that they are too young.

Minimum age for attendance

Children must be 3 years old by 31 January in order to commence 3 year old kindergarten.
Children must be 4 years old by 31 January in order to commence 4 year old kindergarten.

To add your child to our waiting list, please complete the Sessional Kindergarten application form on this website.

Play-Based Curriculum

The 3 and 4 year old kindergarten programs use a learning through play curriculum based on the Early Learning Years Framework.

It may look like children are “just playing”, but learning is going on through play. Experiences set up in the room are planned from observations of the children’s strengths, needs and interests and encourage exploration of literacy, numeracy and science concepts etc. Interacting with the children also encourages these explorations.

Sessional Kindergarten 2017 Timetable

3 Year Old Groups

MONDAY 9.15 – 3.15

THURSDAY 9.15 – 3.15

FRIDAY 9.15 – 3.15

2017 FEES
Fees for the 3-year-old Orange, Purple, Blue groups – $655 per term.


4-Year-Old Groups

4-year-old kindergarten offers 15.5 hours per week (Green) and 16 hours per week (Red) for each child. Both groups include optional before and aftercare to meet the needs of families.

MONDAY 9.15 – 2.45
WEDNESDAY 9.15 – 2.45
FRIDAY 9.15 – 2.45

TUESDAY 8.45 – 4.30
THURSDAY 8.45 – 4.30

2017 FEES
Fees for the 4 year old program 2017 are $750 per term.
(Additional fees apply for before and after care programs).